Crystal Diamond Pre-Painted Products

Product Description

Kai Ching’s Crystal Diamond resin-coated decorative steel products adopt a unique resin granule formula and a special top coating polyester paint by applying surface hardening technology. After baking under precisely controlled temperature, 3D web lines and fine strip wrinkles are formed on the sheet surface to create a diamond-like visual art effect and refined quality. These products are especially excellent in bending corrosion resistance are superior to those of ordinary PE coated sheet steel. As a result, they are very suitable for more critical processing applications such as glazed steel tile, fast roll-up door, etc. or special design application such as interior decoration panel, metal ceiling panel, etc.

Crystal Diamond Pre-Painted Products

Product Characteristic

  • Sheet steel with a 3D quality and artistic effect
    The 3D texture and crystals-like on the surface of Crystal Diamond resin-coated steel sheet make the sheet steel exhibit a unique graceful quality. When used for outdoor roofing and wall panel applications, the refraction of sunlight at different angles can make the sheet steel present beautiful shining styles. When used as an interior decoration material, its diversified colors can make walls and ceilings display a 3D visual effect, adding a more lively touch and chic quality to the design.
  • Excellent weather resistance and color fastness
    The film thickness of Crystal Diamond coated sheet steel is 1/3 greater than that of ordinary PE coated sheet steel. In addition, it has 3D lines and crystals on its surface. As a result , it can effectively block UV rays to protect the sheet steel from fading, keep color richness for long years and improve weather resistance significantly.
  • Excellent Scratch and abrasion resistance
    Crystal Diamond coated sheet steel adopts a unique resin granule formula and a special top coating by applying surface hardening technology. Furthermore, the 3D texture and crystals formed on its surface after temperature-controlled baking provide very high hardness. Therefore, the sheet steel has excellent scratch.
    • Pencil Hardness Test, ASTM D3363
      The above pencil hardness test results indicate that the surface hardness of the sheet reaches as high as 2H while ordinary PE sheet steel reaches F only. The hardness of Crystal Diamond sheet steel is more than 2 times that of ordinary sheet steel, so it is not easily scratched.
    • Comparison of Abrasion Resistance Test Results

      The pictures below are surface conditions of Crystal Diamond sheet steel and another manufacturer's equivalent product. The pictures indicate no significant difference in color and surface roughness between both products.
      The pictures below are results of an abrasion tester under the same testing conditions: The pictures indicate a significant difference in surface color between Crystal Diamond sheet steel and the other manufacturer's equivalent product. In roughness, the grains and lines of the other product were worn smoother while Crystal Diamond sheet steel displayed clearer 3D grains and lines.

      Abrasion Resistance Test Specimen of Crystal Diamond Product
      Before Test After Test
      Abrasion resistance test specimen of other manufacturer's equivalent product
      Before Test After Test
      Difference in abrasion test results between Kai Ching's Crystal Diamond and another manufacturer's equivalent product
      other product Kai Ching's Crystal Diamond
      Specimen Blue Red Blue Red
      Weight (before) 18.5579 g 18.2460 g 23.7859 g 23.8750 g
      Weight (after) 18.5336 g 18.2338 g 23.7787 g 23.8666 g
      Difference 24.3 mg 12.2 mg 7.7 mg 8.4 mg
      Abrasion Tester

      Testing model : TABER / GOTECH / GT-7012-T
      Testing conditions : 500g, CS-10 Wheel, 500 cycles

  • Excellent workability and formality
    Although Crystal Diamond sheet steel has a high surface hardness, its coating has an excellent extensibility. Having fully incorporated these two excellent characteristics, it is very suitable for more critical bending process or punch forming process, etc. in which products are easily scratched by tools.