SMP Pre-painted Products

Product Description

Coating of this product uses the newest Silicone Modified polyester (SMP), and is topcoated with 2C2B system on both side. Hot dip galvanized and AL-Zn coated steel products can both be used as substrate. The coating has silicon elements and therefore has superior weather-restistance, corrosion-resistance and the color will not easily fade even in areas with strong UV ray.

Product Characteristics

With more silicon content, this product has better weather-resistance but worse formability. Therefore it is more applicable to one-time processing production, and not so suitable for multi-processing production. Because it is cheaper than PVDF coatings and has superior overall performance compared to regular PE coatings, so in medium pollution areas, this product is a very good choice. Under normal use, its durability is up to 10 years.

Recommended End Use

For roof, siding, garage, storage room or downspout of buildings in medium polluted industrial areas, or intensive UV ray areas.