Pre-painted Polyester Products

Product Description

This product adopts the newly improved Polyester (PE) as the double-sided 2C2B topcoat. Hot dip galvanized coated and AL-Zn coated steel products can both be used as substrate (that is , the coating system is the same but substrates different ). It has very good roll forming ability, weather-restistance and outdoor stability, and also has various bright colors.

Kai Ching Pre-painted Polyester

Product Characteristics

  • It is used as surface finish, and it is the most commonly adopted coating system on the market for its comprehensive performance and price.
  • It is widely used in top and back coatings, and is with excellent adhesion and affordable price.
  • It has excellent roll forming ability, and is easy for multiple processing and forming.
  • It offers more selections of surface color and gloss.
  • Its corrosion-restistant lifespan in normal environment can go up to 7~8 years.

Recommended End Use

This product is suitable for outdoor roof, siding, Garage, rolling doors, walls, storage rooms and indoor curtain tracks, compartment plate and ceilings of buildings in general light industrial, commercial, residential and suburban areas, and countryside.