YS Cold Roll Forming Machine ( Myanmar Sole Agents )

Yun Sing Industrial Co.,LTD.允信工業有限公司創立於1972 年6月,歷經三十多年之實際經驗,專業製造金屬鋼板全自動冷軋成型機器。諸如:各型屋頂浪板、天花板、汽車零件(框骨材)、金屬家具與牆壁浪板、拱灣波浪 板、琉璃彩鋼瓦、鋼承板、C型鋼、輕鋼架隔間骨材、捲門板及各種特殊型鋼等。在全體員工不斷努力,開發與研究下,其產品已達國際之水準,同時在內外銷市場 也佔有一席之地。
冷軋成型機是運用各種金屬、薄板經多段滾 壓成型,其技術之重點在於輪模設計。本公司累積多年經驗與實驗,秉持專業研發精神,利用現代電腦化科技,配合精密油壓系統,使其機器更加自動化,其成型精 度要求受各業者肯定。本公司為服務各業者要求,成立代客加工部門,代客加工各種特殊型鋼,諸如:空氣污染防治專用之各型靜電集塵鋼板、琉璃鋼瓦、古典牆面 鋼板,以及週邊零組配件等。 允信在冷軋成型機業界經多年專業經驗以道德及良心,願為顧客提供更妥善的服務,竭誠歡迎隨時提供意見以改進缺失,更能使我們的產品能達到各業者所需。

Yunsing Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded on June, 1972. Having been engaged in business for 40 years and gained practical experience. We specialize in producing automatic cold roll forming machines and products, such as steel roofing, wall cladding, corrugated sheets, steel stepped tile, floor decking, C & Z purlin, ceiling T-bars, partitions, and rolling shutters...etc. Our staff and workers have been tirelessly devoted to the research and development, which had helped significantly in promoting quality machines/products, meeting international standards, as well as achieving the considerable market share in domestic and foreign markets. The steel sheet cold roll forming machine is a process to shape various types of sheets or metals. The main part of the technique lies in the design of rolling wheel modes. Through many years of experience and experiments, the company continues its professional research and development efforts, utilizes the latest computer technology and incorporates it with sophisticated hydraulic systems to enhance the automatic machinery that produces equipments as precise as required by the client. In order to satisfy the client's needs, we established a department that processes various kinds of special formed steel for the client; products include electrode collecting plates used in preventing air pollution, stepped tile roofing, classical wall cladding and some other peripheral parts. Yunsing, one of Taiwan's leading manufactures in the field, holds the principles of integrity and sincerity in providing our customers with excellent after-sales service. We warmly welcome your opinions on how we can improve our products, enhance our quality and meet our client's requests.

Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

Cladding Roll Forming Machine

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